An Update: Sharky's Waterfront Grill is Officially Open

An Update: Sharky's Waterfront Grill is Officially Open

You loved them before and you can love them again, Royal Brook. We announced Sharky's Waterfront Grill's presence a few months ago, but here are some important things to know and note if you plan on visiting anytime soon (which you should!).

 If you’ve been keeping up with HKA Texas, then you already know that Sharky’s Waterfront Grill at King Harbor has finally reopened after their rebuild from Hurricane Harvey that devastated Houston’s land but brought Houston’s people together. The Perez family from Chimichurri’s South American Grill bought the property in January 2019 with the hopes to bring a Kingwood, TX favorite back into business. 

Sharky’s had a soft opening since July 29, 2019 serving lunch and dinner but is now serving only lunch from 11am-4pm with required reservations until further notice in order to adequately train and get the business back up and running. Unfortunately, the restaurant will not be taking to-go orders for the time being so that the staff can focus solely on the guests in-house.

From what we have gathered, the food and menu items are the same. We normally don’t like change, but the only things that have changed is the layout of the menu and the new pet-friendly patio! You can now bring all your babies with you to enjoy a nice lunch at King’s Harbor and soak in the sun before we need to lug our coats around. We aren’t sure who will be more thrilled, you or your children…? If you’re wondering what all else may have changed, there are about 10 original staff members from pre-Harvey Sharky’s who would be happy to converse with you, according to their Facebook page. What a way to end summer break! 

While we’ll do our best to check in on the restaurant’s opening status to keep the Kingwood community updated, follow Sharky’s social channels so that you don’t have to wait for us! Here are some important takeaways from this post: 

1. Reservations are required to dine at Sharky’s until further notice. To make a reservation, call 713-904-5200.
2. Sharky’s will be serving lunch only until further notice.
3. Lunch hours are 11am-4pm.
4. The patio is dog-friendly, which is the most important note.

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