Kingwood High School Gets Close

According to the Houston Chronicle, When students return to Kingwood High School in March after a 27 week hiatus due to Hurricane Harvey, they will retain an abridged schedule similar to the one developed while sharing Summer Creek High School, district officials said the week of Feb. 12. The return of KHS students to their home campus on March 19 sparked discussions of whether to remain on altered class scheduling or return to the traditional scheduling, said Trey Kraemer, Humble ISD assistant superintendent of high schools.
Keeping a similar schedule at the two schools will keep a sense of normalcy for the students, he said. "With only nine weeks left, the overriding theory is that going back to the seven-period day now would take an adjustment period," Kraemer said. "They're getting ready for state testing, Advanced Placement tests and finals, so making that change would break the routine they've gotten into and especially right now, that stability is important."

Source: Houston Chronicle